Dear Engineers, let's write tech note in Evernote

March 28, 2019

Are you an engineer? Do you still struggle with how to highlight code in Evernote?

Here you are! EverTool can make your tech note in Evernote look pretty!

highlight example

How to do that?

  1. Add a script in Evernote and Copy the text


  1. Open EverTool and click highlight code action

click highlight code action

  1. Paste it in Evernote


BOOM! Your code is highlighted!

As a high-speed developer, you must think can I do it faster?

Yes, sure. You can use hotkey! In this way, you don't need to leave Evernote to do all actions.

One more thing...

EverTool also supports highlight language! We follow github Markdown flavour. Thus, if you want to highlight the code in python way, you can do:

num1 = 10
num2 = 14
num3 = 12
if (num1 >= num2) and (num1 >= num3):
   largest = num1
elif (num2 >= num1) and (num2 >= num3):
   largest = num2
   largest = num3

print("The largest number between",num1,",",num2,"and",num3,"is",largest)

We also support default highlight language

EverTool supports 89 highlgiht styles. Your note never get bored : )

With EverTool, you can get rid of all workarounds. Plus, we support both Mac and Windows OS.

Time to give EverTool a try!

Join other thousands of happy users to improve your Evernote productivity!

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