The compatibility with Evernote 10

October 30, 2020

Dear EverTool users,

Thanks for your support of EverTool. Unfortunately, with the release of Evernote 10, EverTool is not compatible with the new version.

Evernote 10 has decommissioned many great features from the original version, such as the full-text editor. Full-text editor means Evernote would keep the original text style, format from the source.

As the Evernote lover for more than ten years, the full-text editor is a critical feature that differentiates Evernote from other competitors. Deprecating this feature means we cannot use the abundant text style, text color, etc. as we used to.

We are all waiting for Evernote team hearing our voice to bring our loving feature back -

So, what can we do to make EverTool work?

Install the legacy Evernote

Please follow the discussion to install the previous Evernote version -

EverTool works perfectly with the previous Evernote version.

Use Evernote web version

In the Evernote web version, there is a switch to go back to the classic editor.


The classic version also works well with EverTool

Let Evernote team hear our voice

The new Evernote 10 Version List of Missing Core Features post elaborates the issue with Evernote 10. If you also experience the same issue, please chime in or give it upvote.

Thanks for your support of EverTool. We've marked the EverTool as incompatible with Evernote 10 on both platforms. We will give you an update when we resolve the issue.