[0.2.0] Resize all images in Evernote

August 01, 2018

v0.2.0 New Features

Pin on the screen

Right now you can pin EverTool on the screen, and you can resize the app to any size you want.

It will make switch the text style easier and faster.

small toolbar


Resize images to the same width

Many Evernote users write the note with the images. Because users only can drag and resize the image, it's hard for users to resize the images into the same width.

With this new feature, resizing images to the same width is super easy.
Of course, usage is the same. Cut the image → Click the resize image action → Paste. Of course, the shortcut also support.

See the Resize images to the same width to know more.

Support all the fonts in your device

system font

EverTool will automatically load all the fonts in your device. You can customize your text style with every font you have.


  • More understandable error message and troubleshooting message
  • Performance optimization
  • Fix some Markdown style doesn't show properly

All the features have been shipped to both the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store.
Update and enjoy the new features!

Join other thousands of happy users to improve your Evernote productivity!

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