Create Google Keep like colorful note in Evernote

July 29, 2018

Google Keep makes users create colorful post-it notes. Users can build the color identification notes based on different color. This article will talk about how to create the Google keep like notes in Evernote.

Here is the demo:

Create Google Keep like colorful note in Evernote

Why colorful background?

The benefit to using colorful background is it's beautiful, lol. It's easy to organize the task you have.

For example, I can use the different color representing different priority.

Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3
Priority 4
Priority 5

Or we can use task category to define the color:

Daily work
Series to watch
Restaurant to eat
Weekend to do

After defining the color system, how to create it in ease?

You can download this template. It has the five colors mentioned above.

We can also create the colorful background by EverTool. Thus, you can reuse the colorful definition in all the notes.


How to create a colorful background in EverTool?

If you know How to add customized style in EverTool, it would be super easy for you.

First, create a new theme


Check Apply card style


Select a color


That's it. This color can reuse in the future!

Free Google Keep like colorful note in Evernote

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