Three steps make your Evernote better

June 06, 2019

Evernote has tons of great features, Offline mode, cross-device, powerful document search, intuitive UI, etc.. It's good but still lack of some features. If you feel the same with me, let's categorize what Evernote is lack of.

Evernote is lack of ...

Lack of text style management

Let's imagine this scenario. When you want to write a long note, you will use different text style to distinguish the different level of your note. Maybe use 24px bold as title, 18px bold as subtitle, and 14px as content. When you start to write the title, you switch the text style to title style, and then you start to write the subtitle, you switch to subtitle style, and finally, you start to write content, so you switch again. You just start to write a simple note, but it takes you lots of time to switch text style.

This shortcoming takes users lots of time to do the tasks not related to the content.

Lack of various text style

In the Evernote forum, many users need the features like multiple highlight color, background color. Currently, there are some workarounds to do the trick, but it requires various steps to make it. Besides, it doesn't provide code highlight. Many engineers use Evernote to take the technical note, for example, the famous engineer Addy Osmani.

Lack of Markdown

Yeah, Markdown. If you Google Evernote Markdown, you can find many workarounds teach you how to use Markdown in Evernote.

I can separate the solutions into two categories.

  1. Use third-party services

For example, Alternote and Maxiang are two Evernote third-party services to let users write Markdown in Evernote. The advantage of these services is you can start to use Markdown in Evernote. But it also means you should write your note in two places.

Another problem is security. Because you need to authorize the access right of your Evernote account, especially for business users, do you trust these services to access your critical data just for Markdown?

  1. Use IDE to import the file (Engineer solution)

Engineers can install the VSCode, Sublime text plugin to achieve import the Markdown to Evernote. I think it's okay. You can manage the token by yourself. It's more secure than authorizing to third-party services. But if you are not an engineer, it's hard for you to implement this solution.

However, even though Evernote has some shortcomings, we still love it. Therefore, is there other way to make Evernote better and enhance the productivity?

EverTool — Evernote text style manager


To solve the disadvantages mentioned above, EverTool this menu bar app can totally solve it. It works standalone with Evernote. Therefore, you can keep how you currently use Evernote. Besides, EverTool doesn't access your Evernote account, it means EverTool NEVER accesses your data.

In short, what is EverTool? EverTool is not a replacement of Evernote.

EverTool is an Evernote toolbox.

  • 💻 Manage all Evernote text styles in one place
  • Use Markdown in Evernote
  • 🖍 Support multiple highlight color and background color
  • 📚 Support 75 code highlight themes
  • ☝One click to switch style
  • 🔥↑ Use shortcut to trigger the above actions

How to use?

Three steps, make your Evernote better.

Cut the text → Click one of the styles in EverTool → Paste the text to Evernote

If you are a shortcut lover, it would be quicker.

Cut the text → Click the shortcut → Paste the text to Evernote

If you are a writer and use Evernote as your daily note-taking tool, you must give EverTool a try. EverTool can boost your writing productivity.

If you are an engineer and would like to write the technique note on the Evernote, EverTool is your best friend! One click and your code will beautify!

Join other thousands of happy users to improve your Evernote productivity!

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